RACGP's 1st Year Exam Forum

That time of year....

I swear it was March a couple of days ago.  

With exams fast approaching tensions are high amongst Med Students and acronyphobics alike and your stress levels may be rising faster than Red Bull stocks.  

But fear not, the AMSS has you covered!  

MKE, CRE, DAQ, SAQ, MEQ, what does it all mean?

Where is Wayville? How do I get there?  Where can I get help?

To answer all these questions and more come to the RACGP's First Year Exam Forum!

There will be Q and A as part of the session.  Please forward questions to your Year Reps or to juniored@amss.org.au

Where: Stirling Lecture Theater 

When: 11th June, 2pm