Health & Wellbeing Week

This year from the 9th to the 13th of May the AMSS is proud to be hosting our third annual Health and Wellbeing Week!

It can be easy to forget during day-to-day life how important your own health and wellbeing is. The med school-life balance can be difficult to strike, and managing stress and other personal difficulties is tough. In fact, medical students are disproportionality affected by mental illness at 9 times the rate of the general population. So, this week, lets reduce the stigma of mental health. Ask your friends if they’re ok (sometimes the simplest of questions can have the greatest impact). And make a point of reaching out to your family and friends and talking to them about your life and any problems you may be having.

What's happening this week you ask - well things to look forward to include free food (preclin students) and goodie hampers (clin students), insight on where to get help, resources to give you a hand if you need!

Keep your eyes out for more information on Facebook and around the medschool!