Internships July Update

Congratulations Interns of 2017!

After much suspense and speculation, Round 1 Internship offers have now been released via SAMET - congratulations to all students who scored their first preference and are now officially part of the Intern cohort of 2017.

If you were not offered an internship in this round, don’t despair! This only represents students who received their first preferences and subsequent rounds will release offers for 2nd and 3rd preferences.  See the SAMET site for more details

As it stands SAMET has not released official totals for Internships in 2017, however, recent conversations with the relevant stakeholders suggest that all domestic students should be offered a position for 2017.

The AMSS, FMSS and AMSA will continue to advocate for internships positions for all students now and into the future with particular attention being paid to the 2018 cohort.

If you have any questions or would like to be involved in advocacy on Internships or other issues please get in touch via