Level Medicine

In 2016, the medical profession is still confronting issues of gender inequality within its ranks. Across specialties, and among hierarchies, patterns of gender inequality persist. We can no longer sit and wait for change: active and dedicated pursuit of gender equality in medicine is required.

At Level, we’re certainly aware that there are a host of wonderful doctors and organisations already committed to improving  gender imbalance in medicine. However, what we aim to do is provide a place to inspire women and men to talk about ongoing gender disparity in the medical profession and to advocate for and have a robust discussion around gender equality and gender roles among doctors.

At Level we believe doctors can be leaders and change-makers. But in order to lead our community, we must first confront issues closer to home. A level may be a tool or instrument used to identify imbalance or an aid to establish equality, but it is also a marker of progress. We aim to be just that.

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