Honours Opportunity in ICU Research

The Royal Adelaide Hospital Intensive Care Unit are looking for an honours student in 2018! Please contact the Facebook page or marianne.chapman@sa.gov.au or lee-anne.chapple@adelaide.edu.au if interested.  Information about the project is outlined below.

Resolution of Elements Influencing Nutritional STatus After criTical illnEss

Lead researchers:
Professor Marianne Chapman: Intensivist, ICU Research Director, RAH 
Dr Lee-anne Chapple: Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Dietitian, RAH

marianne.chapman@sa.gov.au or 

We are a dynamic and competitive group of ICU consultants, dietitians, nurses, scientists and PhD candidates based in Intensive Care at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Led by Professor Chapman, ICU Research is a word-leader in nutrition, GI function and glucose metabolism in critical illness with an emphasis on clinically-focused, technically-challenging studies ranging from physiological studies to large NHMRC-funded clinical trials.

Nutrition delivery to critically ill patients is largely suboptimal, and patients experience significant muscle wasting, leading to reduced functional capacity that persists well after hospital discharge. The proposed research project is a hands-on clinical study with the aim of determining the extent to which factors that affect nutritional status return to normal on the post-ICU ward in survivors of critical illness.

Our unit has successfully supervised seven medical students to First Class Honours, one who subsequently received a Rhodes Scholarship. All students have been first author on a high-impact publication and presented at major national or international meetings. Our programme is particularly well-suited to students with an interest in acute care medicine, anaesthetics, endocrinology or gastroenterology.

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