MedBall Award Nominations Now Open

Each year at MedBall, the AMSS announces the recipients of its three most prestigious awards. Nominations for the Patron's Plate, O'Brien Memorial Awards and The Urinal Award are now open! 
Patron's Plate

The Patron's Plate is awarded to "a final year medical student who is deemed to have made an outstanding contribution to medical student life during the six years of the Medical Course" and is voted for by the AMSS Committee.  Nominate someone here!

O’Brien Memorial Awards

The O’Brien Memorial Awards recognise and reward three main aspects of a student’s character with an emphasis of the award being to recognise students whose valuable contributions may often go unnoticed. The Judith Ann O'Brien Award is awarded to a preclinical student and the Daniel Mannix O'Brien Award is awarded to a clinical student, with the winners decided by members of the AMSS as well as University staff.  Nominate someone here!

The Urinal Award

The Urinal Award is an (in)glorious annual prize provided to the medical student "who is deemed, by his or her actions, to have done the most to bring medical students into disrepute" in the time since the last MedBall. Nominate someone here!