MedBall Ticket Sale Process


Additional MedBall tickets go on sale Tuesday August 1st. We've got some important info on how ticket sales will be run. Want to maximise your chance of getting a ticket? Find out how by clicking read more!

MedBall Ticket Sales Process

1. Can you log on to the AMSS website?

YES: Log on now. It's your student ID (without the 'a') and a password that you chose earlier in the year. 


2. Who can buy what?

Logged in AMSS Members can buy a Member ticket and one non-member ticket. Anyone (logged in or not) can buy a non-Member ticket once they are released on August 2nd. 

3. When do sales start?

5/6 Years - 6:00pm

3/4 Years - 6:40pm

1/2 Years - 7:20pm

Each year level will be open for 30 mins and then will shut. 

Non-member tickets (without AMSS login) will open on August 2nd. 

4. Where do I go?

Here – MedBall tickets page.

5. When do tickets shut?

28th of August, 2017. 12am. 

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Behaviour reminder

Any property damage or anti-social behaviour at the event will result in the offender being accountable for any costs incurred, and those responsible will be removed from the event. Incidents will be followed up by the AMSS, and the AMSS behaviour matrix will apply to the event. 

Frequently Asked Questions

"I'm taking an honours year – what year level do I buy my ticket in?"

Honours students are able to buy tickets from the year level allocation that they would've been in had they not taken an honours year.