Contact List

Mailing address

Royal Adelaide Hospital
Eleanor Harrald Building
Level 1
North Terrace
South Australia 5000

(p) 8222 4178
(f) 8222 4169


Simon Cousins -
Vice President (Communications):
Hiep Tu -
Vice President (Education):
Thomas Gransbury -
Patrick Kennewell -
Sponsorship Officer:
Collette Massy-Westropp -
Membership Officer:
Nupur Shukla -
Sachini Perera -


Pre-clinical Co-ordinator:
Jennifer Chataway-
Clinical Co-ordinator:
Charlotte Blacketer -
Junior Education Officer:
Jack Rumbelow -
Education Forum Convenors
Roberta Potamianos, Katie Richards and Natasha Grey -
Educational Programs Co-ordinators
Stephen Bacchi and Ivana Chim -
AMA(SA) Representative: 
Monica Chen -
Senior AMSA Representative
Letti Sweet -
Junior AMSA Representative:
Henry Marshall -
Rural Representative:
Emma Kelly -
Information Technology Officer
Rosie Massolino -
Women's Officer:
Sally Wark -
Men's Officer:
Tony Barbaro -
Sports Officers:
Hubib Ahmad and Dan Zweck -
Sib Hare-Breidahl -
Publications Officers:
Huy Pham, Abby Moore and Hamish Phillips -
International Officer:
Sharanya Shantharam -
Research Officer:
Malcom Borg -
Jordan Anderson -
Philanthropy Officer:
Jessica Ransom -
Health and Wellbeing Officers:
Helena Torpy and Rachel Torpy -
Skullduggery Convenors:
Darcy Noll and Fergus Lynch -
MedCamp Convenors:
Bianca Kennedy, Jack Doney, Jed Campbell and Zoe Taylor -
Functions Convenors:
Lucy Adams, Jennifer Hughes and Chloe Borgas-
MedRevue Convenors:
James Whitehead and Tenayah Renshaw -

Year Level Representatives

Please use your University email to get in contact with the representatives when they are elected. If you're having trouble getting in touch, contact a member of the Executive.

First Year

Year Reps: 
Ed Reps:
International Rep: 

Second Year

Year Reps: 
Ed Reps:
International Rep: 

Third Year

Year Reps: 
Ed Reps:
International Rep: 

Fourth Year

Year Reps: Owen Streeter and Meg Barnett
Ed Reps: Daniel Sansome and Victoria Langton
International Rep: 

Fifth Year

Year Reps: Alex Bate and Tess Ryan
Ed Reps: Henry Colovic and Jessica Walker 
International Rep: 

Sixth Year

Year Reps: Nicholas Clarke and Alice Ormandy
Ed Reps:  Matthew Chu and Charlotte Pascoe-Purvis
International Rep: