Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

One of the most rewarding ways to be involved in the AMSS is to take on a committee position. There are a variety of positions available on the committee which entail a spectrum of time involvement and require different skill-sets: there is something for everyone, from first year through to sixth year, for those with no AMSS experience to those with years of AMSS experience. All you need is enthusiasm and a passion to be involved.


  • Spend time with like-minded individuals
  • Meet people from other year levels
  • Drive new initiatives: sport, social, charity… anything
  • Be involved behind-the-scenes
  • Run events: learn how to deal with sponsors, make budgets, marketing principles
  • Rewarding
  • Opportunity to represent the interests of your peers


  • Variable time commitment
  • Have too much fun


'The AMSS is too cliquey – I wasn’t involved in first year, I can’t be involved now.'

TRUTH: This year well over half to two thirds of the committee is brand new and represents a broad cross section of ages, year-levels and experience.

'AMSS Committee meetings happen weekly and go for 6 hours and they’re really boring.'

TRUTH: AMSS Committee meetings are once per month to fortnightly and whilst they used to go for over 5 hours, they now run for a maximum of about 2-3 hours. Whilst the term ‘meeting’ never really implies fun, we are constantly trying to add something new to meetings including guest speakers, venue changes, different food and drinks etc. The meetings are social as well – a group of 30-40 like-minded individuals all trying to improve student life on campus – we feel it’s actually a lot of fun.

'The AMSS is all political – I don’t want to be a politician so I don’t want to be involved.'

TRUTH: Whilst the AMSS does recognise that many changes to health care and medical education are made at political levels and therefore engages in these discussions, the majority of the work the AMSS does is apolitical. In addition, most of the ‘political work’ the AMSS does is within several positions on the committee including the executive, AMA Rep and the AMSA rep.

'You have to be in 3rd year or above to be in the committee. I don’t think I could manage a position anyway – I don’t know enough.'

TRUTH: Whilst there are some positions in which experience is valuable, the majority of positions can be very well handled by enthusiastic students from any year. Whilst some positions entail a lot of work, the office bearer from the previous year is usually more than happy to support with any advice throughout the year.

'The AMSS is now totally centred around preclinical years and does nothing for us in the clinical years.'

TRUTH: While at the moment most of the committee does seem to be from preclinical years, there are always clinical members on our committee and we are continually trying to engage those from clinical years and encourage them to be involved. The AMSS is continually brainstorming ways to ensure the AMSS maintains its relevance to the older years.

'The AMSS Committee and Executive don’t achieve anything – all they do is talk round in circles and don’t take action.'

TRUTH: The AMSS Committee and Executive are constantly acting to benefit members. In 2011, the Education arm successfully advocated for students regarding exam and teaching issues, as well as putting together the submission to the Australian Medical Council for the re-accreditation of the Medical School -- a significant achievement. The Society has also realised that communication channels between students and the committee and executive need to be improved - whilst it’s not perfect, we are responding and making changes to benefit the entire membership.

Getting involved in other ways

The AMSS welcomes involvement from all medical students, right from first year through to sixth year. Whether you are interested in nominating for a committee position, helping to run an event, or simply picking up cups after Jazz Night we’d love you to get involved! There are literally dozens of opportunities to contribute. If you are interested, why not:

  • Attend meetings – click here for dates and more information
  • Join a working party - from time to time, the AMSS will call for help on Discussion Boards, via Member Mailouts and on the website
  • Read Your Guide To Getting Involved, a guide specifically designed to help you get amongst the AMSS!