Annual General Meeting


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Submissions for this form are closed.


Nominations will open at 7:30pm on Monday, September 4! If you want any more information about the positions available for nomination, check our the Committee descriptions here.

Submit your nomination for a position on the 2018 AMSS Executive or Committee through this online form.

Nominations for all 2018 Committee and Executive positions will open at 7:30pm on Monday, September 4. Please note that the AMSS is introducing online voting this year and nominees for most committee positions will no longer be required to speak at the AGM.

Your nomination must include your name, your current MBBS year of study, and the position for which you are nominating. It should also include a statement of nomination, which may be up to 100 words for those applying for Committee positions.

You may apply for multiple positions by submitting this form multiple times. Nominations will close at 12 noon September 14, and online voting for the Committee positions not elected at the AGM will open soonafter.

Please note that, as always, campaigning for votes is strictly prohibited. Any nominee found to be in breach of this policy will have their nomination(s) revoked. 

Elected Committee members are expected to attend all AMSS meetings (approximately 6 per year), help out at AMSS events and write an article for the Society's annual publication, [stimulus].

Any questions can be directed to