Annual General Meeting

Proxy Votes

Proxy votes for positions that are being elected at the AGM will be accepted up until Wednesday 13th September at 5:00PM. They must be submitted via email to

To be accepted as valid, you must be a current AMSS member, and specify:

  • Your name and university email address;
  • The reason you cannot attend the annual general meeting;
  • The details of the ballot(s) [name of position] that you are wishing to lodge a proxy vote for, including:
    • the name of your first preferenced candidate with a number one placed against that name
    • optionally, as many of the names of other candidates of lower preference, indicating decreasing preference by placing higher integers against those names

The Returning Officer will determine if a written proxy vote is valid. Only proxy votes with a legitimate reason for non-attendance at the AGM will be counted. The legitimacy of reasons for proxy votes will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the Returning Officer. Please contact with any questions regarding proxy voting.