Your New Clinical Reps

The people have spoken! We are pleased to announce that the Clinical Representatives for 2016 have been elected. To contact your reps, please use their university student email addresses. Thank you to everyone who nominated and voted in the election!

Fourth Year

Year Reps: Georgina Juniper and Jonathan Chou
Ed Reps: Jess Ransom and Ben Wingrove
International Rep: Vincent Loo

Fifth Year

Year Reps: Nupur Shukla and Hiep Tu
Ed Reps: Annie Collinson and Michael Riceman
International Rep: Tanuje Fonseka

Sixth Year

Year Reps: Kendra Selvanderan and Wiktor Pilch
Ed Reps: Eleanor Ludington and Matthew Arnold
International Rep: There were no nominations for this position - if you are interested, please email Anna Grosse (!