"Failing to prepare is preparing to fail" - Dr Hugh Kildae

What better way to prepare for Clinical Skills tutorials and future clinical practice than with your fellow peers and older preclinical tutors!

ClinPrac connects eager First Year students with even more eager Second Year tutors to help learn and practice clinical skills in a friendly an non-judgemental environment.

Sessions are held regularly and cover all systems that you will learn over the course of Year 1.  The tutorials are roughly structured around the current topics for Clinical Skills tutorials, but are flexible and can be adjusted to cover other topics depending on the needs of students.

The ClinPrac calendar culminates in a Mock OSCE at the end of the year to help familiarise students with the OSCE format and provide constructive feedback in the lead up to exams.

For further information or to nominate as a ClinPrac tutor please contact the EdEvents Coordinator(s), edevents@amss.org.au.