Past EdForums

2012 Education Forums

Dr David Panter
nRAH Forum
Wednesday 21 March

Dr David Scrimgeour and Dr Anna Aistalluin
Indigenous Health Forum
Wednesday 18 April

Dr Anthony Pisaniello
Wednesday 2 May

Dr Randall Long
Eating Disorders
Wednesday 18 April (handoutscognitive behaviour notesemergency management notes)

Dr Harshita Pant
ENT Surgery
Wednesday 1 August

Dr Rick Chalwin and Dr Eamon Raith
Fluid Therapy
Wednesday 22 August

Dr Steve Wesselingh
Wednesday 11 September

Dr Chris Acott, Clarissa Darmasetiawan and Thu Tran
Global Health Forum
Wednesday 17 October


2011 Education Forums

A/Prof. Christopher Zeitz and Dr Simon Vanlint
Indigenous Health Forum
Wednesday 30 March (Indigenous CVS Health and Homelessness and Health)

Professor Randall Faull, Professor Guy Maddern, Dr Adam Nelson and Dr Christopher Wong
AMSS / AUSS / PathSoc Research Symposium
Wednesday 13 April (Research Handout)

Dr Roger Sexton
Mental Health and Wellbeing Forum
Wednesday 11 May (slides)

A/Prof. Bill Griggs
Trauma and Emergency Medicine: Clinical Cases
Wednesday 25 May

Dr Penelope Coates
IMVS Workshop
Wednesday 3 August (slides)

A/Prof. Tony Pohl
Orthopaedics Forum
Wednesday 24 August

A/Prof. Peter Bardy and Dr Michael Osborn
Haematology Forum
Wednesday 7 September

Professor Michael Kidd and Dr Tom Turnbull
rEducation Forum
Wednesday 21 September


2010 Education Forums

Dr Rishi Puri
Research Fellow, Royal Adelaide Hospital & Cardiologist, Cardiovascular Centre, Norwood
Topic: "Emergency ECGs: What not to miss in the ED"
Date: 28 April 2010

Hon. John Hill
Minister for Health
Topic: "Health in SA: Where will we be in 2020?"
Date: 02 June 2010

Prof Justin Beilby | Dr Kali Heywood | Rus Nasir
MDANZ | Indigenous Doctors' Association | University of Adelaide Indigenous Health Unit
Topic: "Indigenous Health Forum: Where we're at and where we're going"
Date: 11 August 2010

Mr Smith | Anna Di Bartolomeo
University of Adelaide Counsellor | Honours Student
Topic: "Exam Stress - info session + yoga"
Date: 20 October 2010

Dr Steven Knox
Radiologist, Royal Adelaide Hospital
Topic: "eXtra Xray practice for eXams"
Date: 27 October 2010


2009 Education Forums

Dr. John Greenwood
Medical Director, Burns Unit, Royal Adelaide Hospital
Topic: "Burn, Baby, Burn: An Overview of Burns and Skin Grafts"
Date: 1st April 2009 

Dr. Jill Benson
Senior Medical Officer at the Migrant Health Centre
Topic: “Refugee Health”
Date: 6th May 2009
*Note: This is an AMSS/Insight forum 

Asthma Workshop
Topic: “Hands-On Asthma Management”
Date: 3rd June 2009

Mr. Mark Moore
Leading practitioner of Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery
Topic: “The People Next Door – Restorative Surgery in the Developing World”
Date: 5th August 2009  

Dr. Hugh Grantham
Medical Director of South Australian Ambulance Service
Topic: “Drug Overdose and Alcohol Poisoning”
Date: 14th October 2009


2008 AMSS Education Forums 

Professor Roger Byard
Marks Professor of Pathology
Topic: “Forensics” 

Mr. Tony Pohl
Head of Orthopaedic Trauma services, Royal Adelaide Hospital
Topic: “Pelvic Trauma” 

Dr. Brian Sando
Adelaide Crows team doctor, and sports medicine practitioner
Topic: “Sports Medicine” 

Dr. Russell Waddell
Director of STD Services, Royal Adelaide Hospital
Topic: “The Truth About Chlamydia”

Dr. Mitra Guha
Director of Diabetes Services, Royal Adelaide Hospital
Topic: “The Complete Management of Diabetes”

Professor Maciej Henneberg
Head of Anatomical Sciences
Topic: “Evolutionary Medicine” 


2007 AMSS Education Forums 

Dr. Randall Faull
Dean and Director of the Medical Program, University of Adelaide
Topic: “Live Organ Donations” 

Dr. Sepehr Shakib
Head of Unit, Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Royal Adelaide Hospital
Topic: “Evidence Based Medicine 101”

Dr. Bill Griggs
Director of Trauma Services, Royal Adelaide Hospital
Topic: “Australia’s Medical Response to the Bali Bombings”

Professor John Horowitz
Head of Cardiology, Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Topic: “Valvular Heart Disease in 2007”

Associate Professor Peter Devitt
Head of Oesopagogastric Surgical Unit, Royal Adelaide Hospital
Topic: “All you ever wanted to know about the Acute Abdomen...but were afraid to ask” 

Dr. Tony Davis
Psychiatrist, Royal Adelaide Hospital
Topic: The Psychological Health of Australia’s Medical Students”

Dr. David Caldicott
Research Fellow in the Emergency and Trauma Department, Royal Adelaide Hospital
Topic: “Bombs, Blasts and Bioterrorism”