Research continues to be a growing interest amongst medical students both locally and around the country. In modern evidence-based healthcare, there is an inescapable need to be ‘research literate’ and to be able to write, interpret and clinically apply research papers and their, sometimes controversial, conclusions. 

Aside from occupational self-development, there are further motivations for undertaking research as a medical student such as:

  • Becoming acquainted with consultants and registrars working in one’s area of interest.
  • The opportunity to present at local or overseas conferences and acquire awards and scholarships.
  • Potentially differentiating oneself academically from the large number of other medical graduates competing for jobs.

It is for these reasons that the AMSS Research Officer is here to assist. The roles of the Research Officer are to help engage medical students in research, and advocate for and represent medical students in discussions regarding the research components of our course. Our 2017 Research Officer, Malcolm Borg, is aided in his role by his position as the student representative on the MBBS Research Committee.

If you have any of the questions listed below or others, then please do not hesitate to contact Malcolm Borg (MBBS(Hons)) at

  • Do you feel like you know nothing about research, but want to get involved? Do you want some help in finding an interesting clinical/lab-based project to become a part of? 
  • Are you considering doing an Honours degree, but want to find out more about what the experience might involve?
  • Are you unsure where you can find financial assistance or scholarships to support you whilst you undertake research?
  • Do you want to find out about research scholarships, prizes and awards available to students?
  • Do you want advice regarding your MBBS-related research assessment?

If you are interested in finding out about the research scholarships potentially available to you, please click here

For an up-to-date database of research opportunities available to medical students please see the attached PDF. Though labelled as providing Honours and postgraduate research opportunities, most of the groups listed would be happy to take on-board medical students for vacation or other research opportunities.