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President's Keg 2016

A night of pure spiritus, traditio and gaudium, President’s Keg promises to be a night to remember.

What do you have to do to get in to this night of entertainment and debauchery? Simply display your AMSS membership keychain or sticker to get free entry to this exclusive, members-only party. Better yet, all expenses are on the AMSS, so have a night out on us! Kicking off with a BBQ to line your stomach, the night will unfold into a monumental party with a variety of free drinks on offer.

This year we're going to be celebrating a new venue with PresKeg in the city, with only a short walk to the afterparty to continue the party!

Not only are the drinks provided by our President, so is the entertainment for the night! It is tradition for the President of the previous year to pass on a certain record to the newly elected President. What record may this be? Well, you’ll have to come to the event to see for yourself – it is advised that you bring a loud voice ready to count up the 100+ seconds of agony for our beloved President.

The good times are self-explanatory. This will be an evening of free food, drink, partying and entertainment followed by a further promising after-party at a location to be announced. Keep your eyes out for more information over the next few weeks! 

Location: Published Arthouse, 11 Cannon St, Adelaide (close to opposite the Bus Depo & between Franklin St & Waymouth St)

Time & Date: 7:00pm, Friday 18th March

Contact: Alex Bate,

Price: FREE! (show your AMSS Membership sticker or keychain, or buy at the door)