Who to Contact

Everyone needs a helping hand once in a while and it’s not always easy to know who to contact in these times of need. Never be ashamed to shout out for assistance, it shows great strength to admit if you are struggling. Get help at the first sign of your own distress, no problem is too small.


The Student & Program Support Services (SPSS)

For academic related problems or problems that may affect your ability to attend university, get in contact with your tutor directly or the SSPS as early as possible.  

The SPSS office is located on Level 4, Medical School South. Students are welcome to call to make an appointment, discuss things over the phone, or drop in to talk whenever the office is open.

Open Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm Mon to Fri (except Wed, which is 11:00am – 5:00pm)


Phone: 08 8313 9901

Program Advisors: Aleksandra Payne, Carmen Rayner & Stephanie Rogers

Program advisors are for students having doubts about continuing with medicine and who want to talk about other options (e.g. transferring courses). Stephanie specialises in the MBBS program, but all are able to provide assistance.


Student and Program Support Service Coordinator: Mary Denholm

Mary is responsible for assessing applications for withdrawal from courses before the census date (i.e. 'withdraw no fail’). Any information provided to Mary during this process is confidential and will not be communicated to other staff, even within the medical school.



University Counselling Service

This is a free and confidential service provided by The University of Adelaide. They are willing to make an over the phone appointment if you are unable to visit their North Terrace Location. They also have a ‘drop-in’ counseling service (no appointment necessary) from 1:00pm – 4:00pm, Monday to Friday.



Phone: 08 8313 5663

University Health Practice

Bulk bill GP practice on the North Terrace Campus run by the University for University students.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm

Phone: 08 8313 5050

Doctor’s Health SA

Especially for doctors and medical students, DHSA provides after hour GP appointments and also has a 24/7 confidential phone line for urgent advice from doctors. Check out their website for a list of community based GP’s specializing in the health of doctors and medical students if you would like a GP closer to home!


Phone: 08 8232 1250

Urgent confidential 24/7 helpline: 08 8366 0250


This is a free crisis centre, offering a 24-hour service online or over the phone. They offer support for a full range of personal crises, from suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression, abuse, trauma, loneliness and general stress to those looking to help a loved one.


Phone: 13 11 14


Has a wide range of resources as well as links to National helplines and counselling services.

Educational Welfare Officers (EWOs)

The EWOs are a service provided to the whole university, separate from the medical school. They are skilled and experienced in addressing any issue students might be facing. They are able to offer welfare and wellbeing support, as well as free tax, housing, student financial assistance and legal advice. If you have been sexually harassed, EWOs can be your first point of call. It is confidential and free!


Phone: 08 8313 5430

Indigenous Student Support Officer: Domenica Cassar

Domenica provides support and advice for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) students in the Faculty.

Phone: 08 8313 0273

Disability Service

The disability service can provide support to accommodate your disability.

Phone: 08 8313 5962


Rural Medical Program Coordinator: Bronwyn Herde

Rural students can use these pathways above but also have the option of discussing problems directly with the rural school through Bronwyn Herde (although the exact process is still being clarified with the rural school).



The AMSS is more than happy to address any of your concerns regarding any of these processes. We can give advice on which pathways to take and who to talk to.


Emergency Contacts

The University’s Security Service

8313 5444

Crisis Care (family crisis, domestic violence)

111 611

Mental health triage (24-hr service for mental health emergencies)

131 465

Yarrow Place (rape and sexual assault service)

8226 8787

LifeLine (24-hr phone counselling)

131 114

Domestic Violence Helpline

1800 800 098

Doctors Health SA 24/7 Helpline

08 8366 0250


Click on the link below to access The AMSS Guide for Students in Distress. Please get in touch with us (by clicking here) if you wish to add to or update anything.