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Tickets for MedRevue 2017 are available! 

Thursday Night Performance 

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What is MedRevue?

MedRevue is a unique musical production showcasing the exceptional artistic talents of Adelaide medical students, both on stage and off. Filled with many years of history, MedRevue is always an innovative, unique and original performance that comically highlights life as an Adelaide Medical School student. As a solely student run production there are opportunities for over 60 students to be involved, from costume designing, playing in the band, and working side stage. MedRevue seeks to encourage students to maintain interests outside of medicine, and offers a number of leadership opportunities.


This year MedRevue is proud to present “Clinside Out” over two spectacular nights on the September 7th and 8th. All funds raised will support APY exchange

What is APYexchange?

APYexchange is a holiday program initiative of the AMSS for Anangu children aged 5-18 in the remote Aboriginal Community of Mimili, South Australia. The program seeks to promote healthy lifestyle choices through cooking classes, daily sports activities, the importance of hygiene, as well as team bonding exercises. As a cross-cultural learning experience, medical students engage and bond with community members, gaining insight into Aboriginal culture, which helps identify the barriers to achieve good health. Through this learning experience, we can improve accessibility to culturally sensitive healthcare for Aboriginal people in the future. The next school holiday program will run from July 11th - 15th this year.


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