Scholarships & Prizes

AMA Medal

The AMA(SA) Medal is awarded annually to a final year University of Adelaide medical student in recognition of their consistently high academic achievement and rich involvement in the life of the medical school.

A separate medal is presented to a final year Flinders University medical student. The AMA(SA) medal is presented to a student who is judged to have been the best student in terms of academic performance in the course of his or her contribution to the Faculty of Medicine through representing the interests of students and involvement in the life of the Adelaide Medical Students.

The selection of the AMA(SA) Medal includes a general call for nominations (along with the Patron's Plate nominations), submission of a CV on behalf of the nominee where possible and formal discussion and selection of the winner by a selection committee consisting of Faculty members and AMA(SA) staff.

Past winners of the AMA Medal

  • 2016: James Johnston
  • 2015: Shane Selvanderan
  • 2014: Karthik Venkataraman 
  • 2013: Thomas Crowhurst
  • 2012: Daina Rudaks
  • 2011: Sophie Nelson
  • 2010: Adam Nelson
  • 2009: Ken Lim
  • 2008: Claire Frauenfelder
  • 2007: Ruth Lim
  • 2006: Dan Hubik
  • 2005: Heidi Beadnall
  • 2004: Andrew Perry and Andrew Fah