Clinical Years

AGM Voting Changes

This year, the AMSS is changing up the way that voting occurs at our Annual General Meeting (AGM). For the first time, we will introduce online voting for some committee positions, so please read the following carefully!

Not sure what you should apply for in 2017? Click on the red links below for position descriptions, chat to current office bearers or email!

RACS Laparoscopic Simulation Skills Program

Interested in learning some basic laparoscopic skills? The RACS Laparoscopic Simulation Skills Program research project is currently enrolling participants based at TQEH.

Contact Hannah or Camila on 0409 038 417 or visit the Mobile Simulation Unit van parked at TQEH near the Tower Block. Van is open from 9am each day this week. Enrolment closes at 12noon on Friday 2nd September.

MIGA Electives Night

Are you interested in planning your future medical school electives? Are you jealous of all the sixth years galavanting across the globe? Then come along to the MIGA Electives Night! It will be full to the brim with interesting information about all the opportunities ahead of you!

Electives Night

MIGA’s Electives Night is on Wednesday June 24th in Robson Lecture theatre, 5:15pm. We have a range of interesting speakers lined up to speak about everything, from their time with the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Port Augusta, to their time with the WHO in Geneva!

This event is made possible by three of our sponsors; MIGA, Work the World and RACGP.

MDANZ exam questions Part II

The AMSS conducted a survey asking for student opinion regarding the use of the Medical Deans Australia and New Zealand (MDANZ) MCQs and how they wish to be incorporated in exams. The results showed a roughly even split between the two options of a single 4 hour MCQ paper and a separate 1 hour MDANZ paper in addition to the 3 hour MCQ. Attached is the report detailing these results.

Following this the faculty has elected to deliver the MDANZ questions in a separate paper. They are now seeking feedback whether students prefer the exam to be:

  1. On the same day as the MCQ/SCT exam (eg. Paper 2 from 9am-12pm and Paper 3 from 2-3pm)
  2. At least two days after Paper 2 (N.B. the Uni does not allow exams on consecutive days)

Medical Deans Australia and New Zealand exam questions

Fifth Year students please read the following information carefully. Your thoughts and opinions will likely impact the way the Medical School moves forward with their decision regarding your end of year assessment! Sixth Year or Honours students who have completed their final exams are also very welcome to comment given your recent experiences.