2017 Pre-Clinical Representative Voting: Third Year


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Submissions for this form are closed.

Thanks to some last minute submissions, voting for Male Year Reps is now on! Voting will close at 5pm, Tuesday the 5th of March, so get in quick! 


James Kieu: Canvas, two med schools, 30% more online lectures – life’s already hard enough. SAD! Let me make it easier for you. As Third Year Rep I’ll give it to you straight and get it done (ask me for my references, I have the best references) #makeAMSSgreatagain #Vote1JimmyKieu

MALE Education Representative

Joss Lines:


  • Can criticise in a pseudo-British accent
  • Able to stay calm talking about CBCL
  • Survived living with John for a year


  • Lost in the triangle

Honestly though, keen to make sure that we get some comprehensive feedback going about the many problems from the many changes in the curriculum.

John Dongas: With our transition to the new AHMS building, CANVAS, and the hospital environment; feedback is going to be vital this year. I have already seen some of the chaos these changes have caused for many of us and am keen to help make the faculty aware and improve our situation.

Joel Chan: If no one else nominates, I'm happy to do it

international REPRESENTATIVE

Due to the resignation of the elected Third Year International Representative, voting is now open again. Please email Hiep Tu (vpc@amss.org.au) if you are interested in applying.

Joel Chan: I would like to continue representing the community of international students in our cohort by listening and voicing out their concerns when necessary, especially with regards to issues involving international students that are yet to be resolved. I'd also like to encourage participation of international students within the medical school.

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