First Year Representative Voting


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The time has come to vote for your reps! Voting will close at 5pm, Thursday the 23rd of March so get in quick!

Female Year Representative

Fiona Thoi: Organised, dependable, approachable, people-loving, tells lame jokes, provides solid memes, gives free hugs, and makes sure you matter. I promise to make first year med one of the best years of your entire life, and will try my very best to help you out in any way possible!

Angelique Camilos: Hi my name is Angelique and I’m a first year medical student, I’m going to ask some questions about your ideal representative is that okay? Do you want someone who will take on any challenge? Someone friendly and supportive? If yes you have a severe risk of voting for me.

Florencia Moraga: Flo Rida is the name, first year female rep is the aim. I’ve got the “boots with the fur,” I’ll spin your “head right round” this year, and all the other years will “low low low” key think we’re the “wild ones…” so why not just go with the Flo?

Helena Karapetis: Hi miscellaneous voter. You might recognise my face from seeing me in a lecture or stalking me online via our class of 2022 group. As an ex-law student, I offer pro-bono-but-totally-useless legal advice, and as a debater, I enjoy representing the views of disenfranchised minorities e.g. first-years.

Ayra Perakath: With first year comes a SURGE(ry) of new ideas. I would like to S(t)ET(h)-A-SCOPE of fresh concepts and INJECT my input for those who NEED(le) it the most! Not only do I want to represent you, I hope to administer the daily dosage of creativity to the team! :)

Ines Portella: Vote Ines Portella for Year Representative for more social and educational events tailored for first years, a way to level the academic playing field for all and quality medical memes! Want to know more? Feel free to ask me any time! I promise "tibia" fantastic year rep!

Male Year Representative

Don Kieu: From stacking it in AHMS1059 to my questionable Medcamp gastro-exam, I know it might be hard to imagine me representing anyone. However, making it through 2017 with all of you is my top priority. From parties to CBL/Clin/FBS prep, no first-year gets left behind. #IsDonIsGood

Aditya Mishra: Brown. 6"4. Med Student
People Use To Ask Me "What Do You Wanna Be When You Get Older?" And I Would Say "What A Stupid Question! The Real Question Is, 'What I Am Right Now?'" - Jaden Smith
Vote me for good bants :)

Alec Morley: It has been great getting to know so many of you over the past few weeks and I’d love the chance to be your year level representative. I would do my upmost to represent the entire cohort and spam the group page on a regular basis. Vote 1 Lec.

Female Education Representative

Bonnie Hall: I’d love the chance to represent us first years and would enjoy keeping you all on top of Med’s many expectations. Of course, I’d be honoured to voice any of your concerns and will strive to engage and support you all as we tackle 2017 with determination and style!

Ayra Perakath: When we are under the pump and running out of OSCE-gen, I’ll be there to SUT-UR(e) needs and portray your ideas on potential improvements for the course. Whether it be CBL timings, MyUni struggles or anything else causing a rise in our vital signs, I will be there to help! :)

Sophie Eblen: Hey guys, I would love to be the EdRep for our year because I'm really enthusiastic about making sure we all survive this year! Whether it be stressing for CBL or panicking for Clin I would love to help you guys out with any problems you may have!

Male Education Representative

Teham Ahmad: No matter how good our MPPD lectures are, (learning) issues will always exist and are only resolved by taking our opinion into consideration. As someone passionate about receiving the best education possible, I’d be thrilled to put that to use in making our year as smooth as it can be.

Simon Riddell: Hi guys, my name is Simon. I’ve previously held numerous token leadership positions (e.g. 3rd XI soccer co-vice captain), and so feel sufficiently inadequate for the role of ed rep. Also, I've been to almost every 8am FBS so far. If that doesn't show dedication, I don't know what does.

Akash Gowda: I am a willing listener, friendly and proactive, which will ensure that concerns raised by you are conveyed to the appropriate faculty members, enabling me to assist them in making improvements to our course. I bring experience to this position, as I have had representative roles in the past.

International Representative

Luzern Tan: Let’s bridge the divide between the locals and internationals. As many parts make a whole, together we make a cohort. Anyways, I find that people are getting far to worried about studying. Vote for me, I'm gonna Luzern things up a bit.