AIM Leadership Excellence Awards - Calling for Student Nominations

The Australian Institute of Management holds an annual Leadership Excellence Awards (now in its 27th year).  The awards showcase individual stars who have made significant impacts and contributions to their community and organisations. 

The Student category recognises the most successful young leaders enrolled full-time in an undergraduate, post graduate or vocational qualification.

Who is eligible?
This category acknowledges aspiring leaders who have displayed service to their University, educational institution or community outside of their fulltime coursework. Nominations are invited from leaders who have contributed through student committees, in clubs or societies, through peer assistance, sporting activities, professional development, or influence in student/institutional issues.
Nominees must demonstrate:
  • Leadership activities undertaken and the impact this leadership has had
  • Their approach to leadership and evidence of the leadership practices used
  • Evidence of their contribution to the institution and/or student community
  • A commitment to personal development and a clear vision of the goals they have for themselves

Nominations for this category also require a character reference from the Head or Dean of their course which also confirms they are a full-time student.

More information can be found at the ALEA Awards page via our website.  Nominations are anonymous and unlimited. It costs nothing to be involved in the ALEA Awards and is a great professional development opportunity and celebration of achievement for the entrant.