About Us


The AMSS Invocation was designed as a succinct way to continually remind Committee and Executive members of the primary aims of the Society.

The hope is that by being continually reminded of these aims, individual Committee and Executive members will be inspired, will have a better understanding of the mandate for the Society to act, and will integrate these aims into the fulfilment of their duties.

Furthermore, the Invocation is designed to be a reference point for members in the context of circuitous discussion or debate. It is hoped that by reminding the Committee of the primary aims of the Society, debate can be focused and therefore become more efficient.

Originally it was proposed that the Invocation be read before each Committee meeting, but following discussion at a Committee level, it was decided that it best be put at the front of the pre-reading for AMSS meetings: in this fashion it will be readily available in meetings, without potentially seeming strange or excessive to observers or new Committee members.

The AMSS Invocation is directly derived from the Primary Aims of the Society, as stated in the Constitution; the Invocation reads:

"The Adelaide Medical Students' Society exists primarily to represent Adelaide medical students both individually and as a whole; to provide social, cultural and educational support for its members; and to further the welfare of its members." 

As a mark of respect, this Invocation will be coupled with a formal recognition of the traditional indigenous owners of the land on which AMSS meetings are held.