About Us


The Adelaide Medical Students’ Society (AMSS) is the peak representative organisation for medical students at the University of Adelaide. Currently the Society represents over 900 full-time medical students from all six year levels of the undergraduate course.

The AMSS is proud to provide these students with a myriad of activities, which fall beneath six pillars: representation, education, recreation, health and wellbeing, philanthropy and membership. The AMSS is incredibly vibrant with a rich culture, and it is recognised as being amongst the very best medical student societies in Australia.

In 2017 the AMSS enters its one hundred and twenty eighth year of operation and continues to grow and prosper. The Society boasts an inclusive and representative committee of over fifty voting members, ensuring that all medical students are provided ample opportunity to be involved and contribute to their community. The most important function of the Society is to actively represent medical students to the University of Adelaide. It achieves this through its extensive educational representation on numerous boards and committees within the Faculty of Health Sciences. The healthy relationship of the Society with the Faculty enhances its capacity to provide meaningful student input into the curriculum and course structure.

The AMSS has a huge events calendar, with over 80 social, educational and recreational events planned already for the year! From netball, MedFooty and debating, to International Food Fiesta, the annual MedRevue and of course some parties along the way, there is something on almost every week to help maintain a healthy balance of work and play. Much-loved favourites like MedCamp, Jazz Night and MedBall bring together hundreds of medical students to encourage the vibrant culture of the AMSS.

[stimulus], the Society’s publication, along with regular AMSS email updates provide insight in to student and Society news, educational resources, medical issues and other interesting bits and pieces. The brand new AMSS website is constantly updated with everything from social events and photos to educational material and current medical news.

The vibrant AMSS culture and the aims of the Society can be summarised by its motto, “Traditio, Spiritus, Gaudium” – Tradition, Spirit, Good Times. We try to keep this in mind as much as possible – after all, that is what Med School is about!