Adelaide Students' Society of Critical Care

2016 Events

Airway Skills Night - February 

  • This event is supported by the Adelaide Health Simulation and Skills Centre and Medtronic-Covidien
  • Critical care health professionals teach small-groups of 5-7 students valuable basic airway skills, including 
    • Basic airway manoeuvres
    • Supraglottic airway device insertion
    • Endotracheal intubation
    • Surgical cricothyroidotomy – featuring our uniquely designed models for hands-on practice 

Medcamp First Aid Training - March

  • At MedCamp we like to get in early and introduce first year students to the field of critical care medicine after their first week of medical school
  • The basic first aid skills we teach are designed to provide a platform for future critical care education
  • Our simulated stations include a car accident, snake bite, alcohol poisoning and near-drowning - providing invaluable, hands-on experience to kick-start the long road that is medical education 

Critical Care Skills Night - May

  • With the help of our major educational partner the Adelaide Health Simulation and Skills Centre, this night is always highly anticipated by students wishing to gain some insight and skills in critical care medicine
  • Experts teach small groups the basics of
    • Intraosseous access
    • Management of tension pneumothorax
    • Management of cervical spine
    • Basic life support 

Emergency Medical Challenge - May

  • The Emergency Medical Challenge requires teams of medical and paramedical students to respond to 6 different emergency scenarios within a specified time frame
  • The event is adjudicated by experts in the critical care field – including Medstar and emergency medicine consultants

Upcoming events 2016 

Details regarding the following events are subject to change and many of them are still works in progress, but here is an idea of what to expect from the ASSCC for the rest of this year…

Monday 1st of August - Critical Care Skills Night 

  • A tried-and-tested favourite amongst students who frequent our events, this skills night promises to offer more valuable hands-on experience from those with the best critical care know-how
  • Stations are yet to be finalised, but may look a bit like this:
    • Acute management of perforated peptic ulcer disease
    • Arterial blood gases in the setting of decompensated COPD
    • Acute management of spinal cord injury 

Wednesday 17th of August – Airway Skills Night

  • Sponsored once again by the Adelaide Health Simulation and Skills Centre and Medtronic-Covidien, we give those who missed out earlier this year (or those simply wanting further practice) another unique opportunity to learn how to intubate and perform a surgical  airway – amongst other airway related skills

Saturday27th of August - Trauma Skills Day 1

  • Those jam-packed evening sessions we usually offer just aren’t enough to fit in everything we want to offer students interested in critical care…
  • This is our answer! Two all-day opportunities to learn and practice some essential skills in trauma management – vital lessons for every aspiring medical practitioner

Saturday 3rd of September - Trauma Skilla Day 2

  • Part 2 of our Trauma Skills series - we just couldn't fit it all into one day!

Ultrasound skills night – date yet to be specified 

  • With the help of Covidien-Medtronic this is an exciting night all about ultrasound in a critical care context, including the all-important basics and some helpful skills, including peripheral IV access 

Anaesthetic monitoring night – date yet to be specified 

  • This night will bring the basics of anaesthetic monitoring into clearer focus – every medical student will benefit from this targeted approach to learning some of the nuances of this crucial aspect of critical care

Events in October/November - dates to be finalised 

  • As the end-of-year exams approach, we give students the chance to prepare in the best way possible…under exam conditions followed by useful feedback
    • Pre-clinical MOSCE (for years 1-3)
    • Year 5 MOSCE
  • We also aim to hold a Critical Care Crash Course featuring practical tutorials and lectures on some of the essential elements of critical care – another opportunity to interact with and learn from experts in the field 

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