1st Year

First Year Representative Voting

The time has come to vote for your reps! Voting will close at 5pm, Thursday the 23rd of March so get in quick!

Female Year Representative

Fiona Thoi: Organised, dependable, approachable, people-loving, tells lame jokes, provides solid memes, gives free hugs, and makes sure you matter. I promise to make first year med one of the best years of your entire life, and will try my very best to help you out in any way possible!

Textbook Giveaway!

Uh-oh Pre-clins…. uni’s started again! Can’t remember the mech for stable angina or how to take a blood pressure? Don’t worry, Unofficial Guide to Medicine and the AMSS have you covered! Renew your AMSS membership and chuck Unofficial Guide to Medicine a Like on Facebook and you’ll go in the running to win one of these books! Buy a MedCamp ticket to double your chances! 

Note: This competition is also open to Clinical students (what even is a blood pressure anyway)!