Guide to Getting Involved

The AMSS is one of the most active student societies in the country.
Perhaps in the world.

There are activities and events of every size and shape aimed at making medical school, and the lives of those who attend it, just that little bit better. As a member of the AMSS, you are entitled to your own stake in the Society. As a stakeholder, you are invited and encouraged to be actively involved in the direction the Society takes and the activities and events it provides.

After all, it is your AMSS.

Whatever interest you may have and time commitment you wish to make, there will be something you can sink your teeth into. That’s a guarantee.

This guide has been compiled to provide a brief overview of the many areas in which you can become involved in the AMSS.

You are strongly encouraged to contact the relevant Committee member or representative for further information on anything that takes your fancy. They will be more than happy to tell you what’s involved and point you in the right direction.

So, get reading and... get involved! The Society is what it is today because of the amazing work of its passionate and talented members and your opportunity to be a part of this special organisation, whether it be big or small, may be contained in these pages.