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Over the last decade medical indemnity insurance has become a matter of increasing importance. Doctors are finding litigation suits filed against them with increasing regularity. Even students, particularly those on electives and placements, are not safe from this emerging issue. But, they can be protected.

Five years ago the AMSS decided to enter into an exclusive deal with the Medical Insurance Group of Australia because it was believed that they offered the best protection for medical students in all years. Their head office is located in Adelaide, and as part of our sponsorship deal they provide AMSS members a full time student contact.

We encourage all of our members to take out insurance from first year to ensure that in the event that something goes wrong and they do find themselves in legal difficulty they are protected. Not only that but long-term membership of MDOs can often reduce your premiums and increase your benefits in later years.

To find out more about the insurance offered by MIGA we encourage you to visit the MIGA website.

"Isn't a medical indemnity insurer someone you only need when a patient sues you?"

This is a common misperception – the benefits of insurance cover for medical students actually extend far beyond this. In reality there are many of your interactions that could result in you requiring advice of a medico-legal nature. 

It can be pretty difficult to understand the importance of medical indemnity for students, so MIGA have developed case studies highlighting how insurance policy and membership can assist you to deal with difficult and unfamiliar situations. Check them out here – they include a student helping a fellow passenger aboard a flight to Perth, and student who appeared in court after encountering a victim of child abuse on placement.

Fortunately, it’s easy to protect yourself.  MIGA offers students a free Protection Package – and joining is as easy as completing their online Application FormDon’t put it off – take two minutes right now to ensure you’re protected!

You can be confident MIGA's student policy automatically covers students for:

  • Elective and scholarship placements, including John Flynn Scholarships
  • Clinical placements
  • Good Samaritan Acts
  • Medical Board and Medical Tribunal investigations
  • Coronial inquiries and criminal investigations.

MIGA is more than just an insurer – in addition to insurance protection they provide a range of other great benefits that could be important to you as a medical student and a future doctor.  The benefits include student emails, competitions with great prizes to win, access to their Elective Grants Program and a 24/7 emergency support service.

We encourage you to avoid taking unnecessary risks – join MIGA for free and ensure you have the protection and support available to you should you need it.

Join here or visit MIGA’s website for more information.

MIGA Elective Grants Program

MIGA’s annual Elective Grants Program provides financial assistance to students undertaking their elective in developing communities, both overseas and in Australian indigenous communities. 

Each year MIGA offer five Grants of $3,500, each consisting of:

  • A $2,000 Elective Grant to assist in funding the student’s elective
  • A $1,500 Medical Support Grant to provide medical or other aid to the community visited on their elective.

Still planning your elective or looking for inspiration?  Learn more about the experiences of past MIGA Elective Grant recipients through their reports and photographs – check them out here.

More information about electives grants will be available next year.  For further information and an Application Form visit the MIGA website or contact MIGA on (08) 8238 4444.