Major Partners

Interprofessional Learning Workshop

Are you interested in increasing interdisciplinary collaboration and cooperation, establishing positive interprofessional relationships with other students with a view to improving workplace relationships, and providing a student driver for increased investment and interest in IPL in the health professions?

If you are then this workshop is for you!

Hosted by Professor Maree O'Keefe the Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching, this workshop will consider:

Students for Sustainability National Conference

The University of Western Sydney (UWS) will be hosting a national Students for Sustainability (S4S) professional conference on the 15th and 16th September 2015. The conference theme "HOPE for the future" will explore the social and environmental impacts of our society and focus on empowering our youth with knowledge and skills to lead into an uncertain future.


Medivision Medical Symposium

MEDIVISION is a Medical Symposium organised by medical students held in Hobart, Tasmania on the 9th -10th May, 2015. This year we are excited to announce the confirmation of presentations by two Nobel Prize Winners at MEDIVISION.

Professor Robin Warren who won the Nobel Prize for demonstrating that peptic ulcers were caused by H.Pylori and not stress


The Ed.IT - April 2015

Welcome to the second edition of the Ed.IT – your monthly short, sharp and shiny updates of all things Education... Online! We'll be giving you a full review with all things Education at the end preclinical term - so stay tuned!

Team Education
Our Team Ed is now complete! Welcome to our Pre-Clin Ed Reps and Secretary, I'm sure it's going to be a great year!

MDANZ exam questions Part II

The AMSS conducted a survey asking for student opinion regarding the use of the Medical Deans Australia and New Zealand (MDANZ) MCQs and how they wish to be incorporated in exams. The results showed a roughly even split between the two options of a single 4 hour MCQ paper and a separate 1 hour MDANZ paper in addition to the 3 hour MCQ. Attached is the report detailing these results.

Following this the faculty has elected to deliver the MDANZ questions in a separate paper. They are now seeking feedback whether students prefer the exam to be:

  1. On the same day as the MCQ/SCT exam (eg. Paper 2 from 9am-12pm and Paper 3 from 2-3pm)
  2. At least two days after Paper 2 (N.B. the Uni does not allow exams on consecutive days)

MedRevue Auditions

Hello MedRevuestars!

Thank you for all your enthusiasm, we are very excited to be getting underway with auditions soon.

Firstly, our apologies for the radio silence; we weren't ignoring you but simply waiting for the right time to give everyone more information! If you've sent in an application, then you're in our notes for an audition.

The auditions will be held on Tuesday March 31st and Wednesday April 1st, starting at 6pm. 

South Australian Leadership Development Seminar

SALDS is being held on Tuesday the 21st of April at The Adelaide University Council Room! Prepare to be inspired by a number of accomplished speakers! Learn how to acheive both in and out of medicine. Delicious dinner is provided on the night and a networking opportunity with Flinders students. Tickets will be made available soon, stay tuned folks.