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You might have heard of FOAM, or FOAMed. Or you’ve probably heard of the website Life In The Fast Lane. The authors of LITFL have coined and spread the term "FOAMed" like wild fire across the twittersphere, blogosphere and beyond.

AMSA Third Council Applications

Guest applications for the Third AMSA Council are now open!

Held from October 18-20, this Council will be the first one since 2010 to be held in Hobart! If you have ever had any interest in AMSA, Council is one of the best ways to learn as much as you can about it in a short period of time!

Costs for Third Council are; $295 for registration and accommodation, $220 without accommodation.

RACGP GP14 Conference

Win a chance to attend the biggest General Practice conference of the Year!

A career in general practice offers enrichment, reward, financial security, and a chance to work across a broad scope managing a diverse range of health conditions.  Rural General Practice similarly offers a great diversity of experience with further opportunity to work both within the community and across in-hospital care.