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MIGA Electives Night

Are you interested in planning your future medical school electives? Are you jealous of all the sixth years galavanting across the globe? Then come along to the MIGA Electives Night! It will be full to the brim with interesting information about all the opportunities ahead of you!

Mary Magdalene Kitchen Night Volunteers

Upcoming on Saturday the 20th of June is AMSS kitchen night at the Mary Magdalene centre. The night will involve preparation and service of dinner and a dessert to the visitors of the centre.  It promises to be a fun and rewarding night, offering a short break from swot vac revision. If you are interested in being a part of the kitchen team for this night please send me an email;

RedWeek Helpers

Applications are now open for those interested in being a part of the Executive Committee for RedWeek 2015 as our Sponsorship Officer/s and Media Officer/s. 
Sponsorship duties will involve working with the rest of the exec for sourcing sponsorship products, investigating grants and any other sponsorship opportunities.

The Ed.IT - June 2015

Welcome to the June edition of the Ed.IT – your monthly short, sharp and shiny updates of all things Education... Online!

June always has brings mixed feelings for medical students. Preclins are stressing out about exams while clinical students are coasting towards holidays (and sixth years are generally just living the dream). In terms of Ed Updates there's (fortunately) not too much to update you on, but none the less check out what we have in store below!

RACGP's 1st Year Exam Forum

That time of year....

I swear it was March a couple of days ago.  

With exams fast approaching tensions are high amongst Med Students and acronyphobics alike and your stress levels may be rising faster than Red Bull stocks.  

But fear not, the AMSS has you covered!  

MKE, CRE, DAQ, SAQ, MEQ, what does it all mean?