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O Week

Do you love the AMSS? Remember how excited you were starting med school? Want to share the gaudium with fresh faced first years and get hyped for Med Camp?

Come along hang out at the AMSS tent at O’Week (Monday 23rd – Friday 27th)!!

Medical Deans Australia and New Zealand exam questions

Fifth Year students please read the following information carefully. Your thoughts and opinions will likely impact the way the Medical School moves forward with their decision regarding your end of year assessment! Sixth Year or Honours students who have completed their final exams are also very welcome to comment given your recent experiences.

AMSS Fantasy Football

The 2015 AFL Season is on its way, and with it the 2015 AFL Fantasy Football Competition is already up and running! This year, the AMSS will have its own league through the official AFL Fantasy website. If you love watching the footy on the weekends, then this is for you!

Job Opportunity

A casual employment opportunity involving telephone contact and data entry has been offered to medical students. 

If you are interested in applying, please see the details page via the AUU.