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ACUR 2017 in Adelaide

ACUR 2017 - The Australasian Conference of Undergraduate Research, Wednesday 27th to Thursday 28th September hosted by the University of Adelaide.

ACUR is a national conference, allowing students from all over Australasia to network and present their research in a conference setting, with the prospect of winning fantastic prizes. The organisers are currently asking students to register their expression of interest for the event.

AdMental (Public Health Week 2017)

The Don Dunstan Foundation is organising the Ad Mental Event on Wednesday 5th of April at Elder Hall, as part of Public Health week 2017.

This fun event will be hosted by comedian Greg Fleet, and will feature a ‘pitch session’ where local advertising agencies develop a short TV advertisement answering the question of what the equivalent prevention message of Slip, Slop, Slap for Cancer Prevention is for mental health.

First Year Representative Voting

The time has come to vote for your reps! Voting will close at 5pm, Thursday the 23rd of March so get in quick!

Female Year Representative

Fiona Thoi: Organised, dependable, approachable, people-loving, tells lame jokes, provides solid memes, gives free hugs, and makes sure you matter. I promise to make first year med one of the best years of your entire life, and will try my very best to help you out in any way possible!

2017 Pre-Clinical Representative Voting: Third Year

Thanks to some last minute submissions, voting for Male Year Reps is now on! Voting will close at 5pm, Tuesday the 5th of March, so get in quick! 


James Kieu: Canvas, two med schools, 30% more online lectures – life’s already hard enough. SAD! Let me make it easier for you. As Third Year Rep I’ll give it to you straight and get it done (ask me for my references, I have the best references) #makeAMSSgreatagain #Vote1JimmyKieu

2017 Pre-Clinical Representative Voting: Second Year

The time has come to vote for your reps! Voting will close at 5pm, Sunday the 5th of March so get in quick! 

Male Year Representative

James Kimber: It was so awesome getting to know so many of you during First Year and I’d love the chance to be your Year Level Representative. I would be honoured to spam the year group with posts and report any and all of your thoughts to the AMSS in 2017.

Grad Week Convenor Nominations

Applications for Graduation Week Convenor(s) are now open!

Grad Week occurs every year around the time of the University Declaration Ceremony.  The Grad Week Convenor(s) are responsible for organising all of the activities in Grad Week, as well as coordinating MedSchoolies.  If you have any questions, please get in touch with last year's Convenors, Alex Howes, Courtney Lloyd, Lorenzo Chewparsad, and Michael Brown. 

Textbook Giveaway!

Uh-oh Pre-clins…. uni’s started again! Can’t remember the mech for stable angina or how to take a blood pressure? Don’t worry, Unofficial Guide to Medicine and the AMSS have you covered! Renew your AMSS membership and chuck Unofficial Guide to Medicine a Like on Facebook and you’ll go in the running to win one of these books! Buy a MedCamp ticket to double your chances! 

Note: This competition is also open to Clinical students (what even is a blood pressure anyway)!