MedBall 2016

We all love for laughter and live for a crowd,
The 2016 AMSS circus shall leave you all wowed!
Come one, come all to the event of the year
A time to sit back, relax and take in the atmosphere!

Sixth-Year Dinner 2016

Attention: Class of 2016 (and all those who were formerly part of it)!

You are all invited to the AMSS Sixth-Year dinner! With so many of us gallivanting around the globe throughout the year, it will be awesome to finally be in same room again! With job offers rolling in and no exams to study for, there's really no excuse to not come along!

MedRevue 2016 Executive Applications

Executive applications have now closed for MedRevue 2016.  Stay tuned for more information coming soon about how you can be involved in the cast, orchestra or crew!

Clinical Welcome

What better way to end the first week back in the hospitals!

5 uni days done, 175 left for the year!

The AMSS invites all Clinical Students to the first event of the year. A great opportunity to catch up with everyone, get your cool 2016 Merchandise and have a few cheap bevvies on the sunny balcony.

RedWeek Helpers

Applications are now open for those interested in being a part of the Executive Committee for RedWeek 2015 as our Sponsorship Officer/s and Media Officer/s. 
Sponsorship duties will involve working with the rest of the exec for sourcing sponsorship products, investigating grants and any other sponsorship opportunities.

RACGP's 1st Year Exam Forum

That time of year....

I swear it was March a couple of days ago.  

With exams fast approaching tensions are high amongst Med Students and acronyphobics alike and your stress levels may be rising faster than Red Bull stocks.  

But fear not, the AMSS has you covered!  

MKE, CRE, DAQ, SAQ, MEQ, what does it all mean?